Founder's Message

Bruce W. Doole

I want to personally welcome you to our company and to our website. My hope is that your experience with Permanent Value is fulfilling and rewarding, and that our website enhances this experience. Our site is designed to help you to become comfortable with us and to educate you not only about how we can help you, but also what you can do to achieve the results you want.

Our company was founded with the purpose of helping families live a better life. Permanent Value opened its doors on Independence Day over 25 years ago, which has special significance for us and our clients. As a newly minted banker over thirty years ago, I became acutely aware that the client experience was more about convenience than having a positive impact on someone’s life. It became apparent to me that in order to truly help people in a deep and meaningful way, I would have to design a company in which a client’s needs and goals are the cornerstone of our business philosophy.

I’ve always had two passions in my career, one was studying how businesses and people succeed financially and the second was helping others. Combining these two ideals has been my motivation from the very beginning. After meeting my lovely wife and getting married, we began the process of joining our lives together. One of the key elements to this was how we interacted in relation to our finances. Having a trusted financial coach to define our childhood family money experiences and to combine them into a successful marriage would have been extremely valuable in helping us work together as a team to accomplish our goals. I thus realized how important it is for families to have a financial coach to lend a hand through significant events–someone they can talk to about their concerns and help them best prepare their finances during every stage of life. Two years later we started our family, and as I took my first look at our new baby boy, I was energized and sobered with the new responsibility I had just taken on for guiding his life. It became very clear to me that preparing families for financial success, building contingency plans, and standing strong when the storm gets rough …is what being a family financial coach is all about.

As you navigate through our website, I hope you will request a call with a financial coach and I hope you will build a special relationship with your coaches and with our company. My team and I feel privileged that we might have the opportunity to get to know you and your family and look forward to building a relationship that will be as fulfilling for you as it is for us.
Bruce W. Doole